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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Visit to Sheridan, Montana - Bary Gammell

Liz, on Tuesday afternoon Jan and I had a nice visit in Sheridan with our cousin Sandra Baril. 

She showed us some locations related to Grandpa James that I wanted to share with you.  We first drove a short distance east of town to the likely area where James first settled and started the saw mill, Mill Creek.  The exact location is no longer identified.

After leaving the saw mill, James and wife Susan Maria Brown homesteaded west of town.  The land is now owned by 5L Ranch.

Going west and south is the Duncan property where it is believed James built this barn.

The cemetery where James is buried is 1.5 miles south of town.

After leaving I asked Sandra to go back so we could take a picture of two of us at the grave marker.

In backtracking we also came across the grave of Orlin Gammell, James’ first son.

When Jan was taking the picture of Sandra and me, I threw my cap on the ground. After getting back in the car I realized I forgot my hat. In going back to retrieve it I then noticed other grave markers next to James’ grave. Susan being Sandra’s great-great grandmother and I believe sister-in-law of our great-great grandmother Hannah Jane.

Photos by Bary and Jan Gammell

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